Our Mission: Help Data Scientists and Analysts build the skills necessary to make valuable products.

The future should be owned by you, the data scientists and developers of the world, not proprietary platforms. Inside you'll find recipes and resources to help you take control, build your skills, and deliver value to your business.

Our Focus: Critical thinking, product hypotheses, and good design practices, rather than APIs, algorithms, or library usage.

Value for enterprises is generated by creating solutions to problems that customers are willing to pay for. While other products will teach you to how algorithms work and how to use the various packages and libraries available that implement them, we focus on how you learn to wield those tools for gain.

So if you are:

  • An academic researcher transitioning into enterprise,
  • an analyst looking to step into a more technical role, or
  • a data scientist in your first job, looking to take the next step forward,

join us and accelerate your career. Create an account now.

But wait, who am I?

This is me. I entered Data Science right after grad school, and have been doing startups ever since. These days I work on making machine learning do useful and valuable things in healthcare, along with some select work consulting and advising startups in the insurance space on all things data. I've trained a lot of data scientists and have seen the entire spectrum: those who failed, those who succeeded, and those who broke out. I'd love to see less of the former and more of the latter, which is why I'm doing this. Feel free to reach out!